Into the Night - Into the Night I Roam mp3

Into the Night - Into the Night I Roam mp3
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"Into the Night" is a vibrant blend of contemporary dance grooves with the evocative voices of the didgeridoo with exotic flutes and drums from around the world.

INTO THE NIGHT I ROAM - This is the closing and title track of the "Into the Night" CD and it is my second vocal song to be released in my music career.  The words to this song came at the very last minute as I was trying to mix down this song.  I kept feeling that there was something missing and I began humming along with the song to see if some flute or synth melody was needed and then the words just came pouring out and the lyrics were written in a matter of minutes.  I think that it really sums up the whole project and is the cherry on top of the cake.... enjoy!

This recording has been many years in the making and all of the songs on this CD have been fantastic road companions as I have traveled through the mountains, deserts, valleys, canyons and cities of the Western United States.    I find these pulsating and energetic tracks to be vitalizing & refreshing and they help me to keep alert and attentive to the road.  It is my hope that you will enjoy this music as much as I haveā€¦.    David Blonski.