On Wings of Eagles - Full MP3 Album

On Wings of Eagles - Full MP3 Album
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by David Blonski

A Hauntingly beautiful combination of Native American Flute music soaring over the earthy and primal sounds of the Aboriginal Didgeridoo of Australia. This evocative recording can indeed carry you away On Wings of Eagles. To journey into new realms of your imagination simply sit back, close your eyes and relax into the music as you are carried into the worlds of these two indigenous cultures.

1. Sacred Circle 6. Father & Son
2. Shared Vision 7. Earth Blessings
3. Ancestral Voices 8. Spirit Guides
4. Inner Jouney 9. Eagle Wind
5. Soaring Spirit 10. Dance Circle


All music composed, performed and produced by David A. Blonski
Native American Indian Flutes, shakuhatchi, bansuri flute, bass bamboo flute, recorders, penny whistles, silver flute, vocals, percussion, Didjeridoo

Additional Didgeridoo performed by - Peter Spoecker
Indian Flute on "Father & Son" - Casey Blonski
Additional Vocals - Sharon Gardner & Peter Spoecker
Graphic Design and Layout: David Blonski
Cover art: "On Wings of Eagles" by Jody Bergsma
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Copyright 1995 David Blonski / Timeless Productions
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